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                                                                                                              “1” Signature T-shirt design

What does this design mean to me?  We have major issues happening in our society and we need to stand as ONE to be able to fight to overcome pain, hurt and heal the devastation that is haunting our communities.  Each day, humanity is trying to validate its purpose to exist but the devil is on his mission to “steal, kill and destroy.”  By us standing as ONE we will be able to operate through the love of Christ and draw more souls to the kingdom by sharing genuinely Christ’s love.   I love seeing that the “O” reads Father, Son and Holy-spirit because these titles represent our ONE God who’s name is Jesus. He is number ONE in my life, He is the ONE and only God that sent himself in the form of a human being and sacrificed himself to save humanity.  Look how amazing HE is!  Let this shirt be a ministry to you and to others and I ask that you support this ministry and purchase a shirt TODAY! What you seed into this ministry will go back into edifying the Body of Christ.